Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sad little, neglected thing.

This blog I mean, not the purse. I'm just not as into this blog as I thought I would be. Which is not surprising given my very scattered journal/scrap-booking abilities.

But here are pictures! I just made this adorable purse! Is it not cute? And it was the first so I'm hoping I get better at each time I make it.


  1. Hi coming to you via Sweet Juniper woodcraft!

    where did you get the pattern for the purse?


  2. It's by Heather Bailey. I picked it up at Fabric Depot here in Portland, OR. Her website is It's very easy although I'm thinking about redoing the handles with wooden handles. It's quite spacious and my handles (which weren't gorgeous to start off with) aren't able to support it very well.