Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break might break

I took the girls swimming to the new East Portland Pool. It's such a great pool and it's nice to have a pool like that closer to us. Mt. Scott was quite a trek for us. Because of Spring Break the water slide was open so you could not have made for two happier girls than Miriam and Edith. I kept up with them the whole time. We had such fun. And then we came home and I realized how tired I was. Oh well, I feel fine today. But I was really tired last night from keeping up them. The tables have already turned on me! I thought I had until they were a bit older.

Today we are off to OMSI and Voodoo Doughnuts. We haven't been to the one on this side of town yet. Because we are more croissant eaters than doughnut eaters.

I'm a bit sad the birthday is over, but it's so nice having the week with the girls. Not that we don't have our moments of unhappiness. But we all desperately needed a break from our normal life and a chance to sleep in a bit. I'm actually glad that we didn't go somewhere. Although we are going to go to Seattle for the weekend. I'm really looking forward to that. But I'm glad we didn't have to drive or fly anywhere major. And our travel stipend will be quite good for when we go to Vancouver B.C. this summer. I'm hoping we can go for a week.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

It's my birthday tomorrow. Oh my goodness am I excited. I got a lovely pale blue sweater from Boden and a cute coral color wallet/clutch thing from Hobo. If I had better computer skills I would link to them here. You will just have to take my word that they are indeed cute.

I have done nothing for this blog. I thought I would me yakking from the rooftops that guess what I have a blog. The truth is I think I would make a better zine. I think it must be the photocopying and handwrittenness of it. I think I need something a bit more old-fashioned. Anyhow I did just start. But I think I might make a zine and leave them around town. That might be my pet project this summer. I think summer is going to be a relief. Miriam just isn't in school enough for me to have loads of free time to do things. I really can just get the simplest of things done. Perhaps when she is in all day school that will happen. Anyhow I think both the girls would like to do a zine together. And I think not having to get the girls up and to school and back and pack Edith's lunch will be a big help to me. I envision them playing in the yard or at Grant Pool and I can work on a zine. It will be a summer project for us too. Edith is such a good drawer that I won't even have to do that! I think we will just be less rushed.

Anyhow I'm going to try and take a family photo tomorrow night. I like looking at family photos of us in the past. I always hate the most current one. But then a year goes by and I think how young and great I look. So I will do that. I think we are having a fairly simple birthday. The economy has hit us a bit in that David is only working 3 out of 4 weeks. I'm alright with that though, we are getting by and it's nice to have him around more. We are going to go to Por Que No and drink lots of margaritas and eat tacos. And I believe he is making me a nice lemon cake.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

David's Birthday

David had a lovely birthday. It's pretty good to be celebrating your 15th Annual 30th Birthday. We went and had BBQ with my parents and sister who were in town visiting. Followed by a piece of this nice cake. Tropical Carrot Cake by the way.

My parents and sister left this morning so we have been just having a very quiet Sunday around here. I had grand ideas about what I was going to do today. But I think reading the Sunday Times and doing laundry won out in the end. Anyhow now my birthday is this Friday!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Off to go help at the school auction. Really it's the least I can do. It's a big money maker for the school and we are so lucky to have an amazing Public school we can send our kids to. But the irony of having to raise money for a public school is enough to make my eyes roll. In a perfect world we wouldn't have to do this sh*t. But it's far from a perfect world. And I don't have to go and rub elbows. I can just help. So that makes me happy.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New glasses

That's the only exciting thing I've got right now.