Friday, January 30, 2009

Revolutionary Road

I finally got a chance to go see this movie. I read the book just before Thanksgiving and have been eagerly waiting to see it. Which is strange as I know how bleak it is. I just think it's such an honest, heart-breaking film. And if there was an award for best trailer ever it would win. "Wild is the Wind" is such an amazing Nina Simone song that it can bring tears to my eyes just listening to it. Anyhow I'm looking forward to talking about this movie with friends. There were moments that were hard because I remember having bad fights with David when we just couldn't get onto the same page about life and just learning to adapt to each other. And the struggles with figuring out who you are and what you need to survive really spoke to me. And I'll just say it even though it is so personal...figuring out what to do with an unplanned/unwanted pregnancy. I could see myself in her shoes if I hadn't had the benefit of living in a more modern world. I thought Kate Winslet was magnificent, but Leonardo DiCaprio broke my heart. I never really thought much about him until now. Go see it. It will leave you deeply unsettled and shaken, but it's a masterpiece.

On a side note...There was some old guy checking his voicemail messages during a pretty intense moment. I said to him, "Really? With the cell phone?" He told me to shut up and walked out. I didn't really care because he walked out. But when he was walking back in he banged into my seat so hard. What a loser. I realize this was just a movie and maybe he was dealing with something real. I don't know. Maybe not. But still.....Please, mind your manners! They tell you 3 times before the movie starts to turn off all cell phones.

Monday, January 26, 2009

about that Gingerbread

It was so good and so yummy! And best of all easy to make. It will not last long in this house.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I'm making this gingerbread from Smitten Kitchen with the addition of pears.

It's in the oven right now and we'll see how it turns out shortly. I'm hoping really tasty. I had something very similar at Ken's Bakery over Christmas and thought I'd try and do my own. Also I plan on having several white port and club sodas with a twist of lime this afternoon. It is a leisurely Sunday after all.

I have enough yarn to knit several pairs of socks so I will be a knitting fool over the next few months. Must post a picture soon.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pizza night...the feeling is right!

I can't commit to making homemade pizza once a week. I just need too much variety in my diet. However I can't speak highly enough of it. In the beginning we had some kinks with it but finally we have ironed them all out. So I would dare say we can make a very tasty pizza. I think that pizza is like pie or quiche really. Once you master it, it's easy, but there is a bit of a learning curve. Like anything else you just got to give it ago. There are so many how to make pizza tutorials out there so I'm not going to add one. However here is my "wisdom".

1-make smaller pizzas so everyone can make their own.

2-whole milk mozzarella, really! The part skim stuff will just make it watery. If you use fresh mozzarella give it a little squeeze to get some of the liquid out. I would rather have a little of the good stuff than extra of the less good stuff myself.

3-anything goes with pizza so add what you like and make it seasonal. Fresh tomatoes and basil in the summer and butternut squash in the winter.

It's a great meal for the whole family because all kids love pizza.

I downloaded a project/pattern fromm today for Houseslippers. I'm anxious to see how they turn out. They look fairly simple. Now I just need to find time to go to Fabric Depot. And I'm hoping I can adapt the pattern to fit the girls.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yes We Can!

Yesterday was a rather historic day, not that I need to point it out to anyone. However I think having your newly-elected mayor admit to an inappropriate relationship with an 18 year old can quickly take some of the shiny happiness off. I really don't know what Sam Adams was thinking. If you are going to lead a life in the limelight here is my advice...Don't have sex with teenagers when you are a grown-up. It's hard to know if he should resign though. We need change and help fast, so I don't think having a new mayoral race so soon would be great. However he lied. This is post-Clinton. Will anyone ever learn?

On a side-note I am curious about one thing. Wasn't he embarrassed to get naked with a teenager? No matter how well you up keep your body, you will never look like a teenager.

Okay on to better business. You should be watching "Meerkat Manor." I was drawn to it because I have a 4 year old who loves meerkats. Most likekly because her name is Miriam, we call her Miri and that lead to her being our little meerkat. But it is freaking Dynasty, Bevery Hills 90210, soap opera kind of stuff. And it is awesome. I also think it's good to watch with kids because they learn about the life of meerkats which is not so different from our life. I know that we don't eat our rivals babies and such. However it deals with death and mating. We still call it mating and I think my 7 year old Edith thinks mating is some type of wedding like ceremony. And I'm okay with that for now, because she is the type of kid who will let you know when she is ready to discuss the big topics. She knows technically how babies are made (egg meet sperm) but not the fun before they meet. Anyhow we are all loving this show. It had been on our Netflix cue for ages and we finally moved it up to the top, I'm so glad we did.

Monday, January 19, 2009

5 years late

I've been meaning to start a blog forever. I'm only late by 5 or so years. I was too busy having babies. Which I know can be great to blog about, but not really my style. Not that I won't blog about them I just am more interested in blogging about crafting and cooking. Not that there aren't a hundred of those kind of blogs too.

Anyhow coming soon....
1-quick, easy pizza night
2-the Allens visit the coast and it was nicer in January than it can be in July
3-cats who throw up on things, including pianos and heat vents
4-Meerkat Manor...strangely addictive