Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yes We Can!

Yesterday was a rather historic day, not that I need to point it out to anyone. However I think having your newly-elected mayor admit to an inappropriate relationship with an 18 year old can quickly take some of the shiny happiness off. I really don't know what Sam Adams was thinking. If you are going to lead a life in the limelight here is my advice...Don't have sex with teenagers when you are a grown-up. It's hard to know if he should resign though. We need change and help fast, so I don't think having a new mayoral race so soon would be great. However he lied. This is post-Clinton. Will anyone ever learn?

On a side-note I am curious about one thing. Wasn't he embarrassed to get naked with a teenager? No matter how well you up keep your body, you will never look like a teenager.

Okay on to better business. You should be watching "Meerkat Manor." I was drawn to it because I have a 4 year old who loves meerkats. Most likekly because her name is Miriam, we call her Miri and that lead to her being our little meerkat. But it is freaking Dynasty, Bevery Hills 90210, soap opera kind of stuff. And it is awesome. I also think it's good to watch with kids because they learn about the life of meerkats which is not so different from our life. I know that we don't eat our rivals babies and such. However it deals with death and mating. We still call it mating and I think my 7 year old Edith thinks mating is some type of wedding like ceremony. And I'm okay with that for now, because she is the type of kid who will let you know when she is ready to discuss the big topics. She knows technically how babies are made (egg meet sperm) but not the fun before they meet. Anyhow we are all loving this show. It had been on our Netflix cue for ages and we finally moved it up to the top, I'm so glad we did.

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