Friday, April 3, 2009


My husband (out of the blue) yesterday told me what a great mom I was. He had a whole list of reasons and he told them to me. I won't share them here because I don't want to be a braggart. But anyhow it really made my day. It might be the nicest compliment I have ever received. It's just nice to hear everyone once in awhile.

I'm working on a big post but life has been a little hazy and crazy lately. Right now I'm making pumpkin chocolate chip bread. David has Fridays off to save his company some dollars in these dark times. But we can learn to live on a little less and it's nice having him around. It's nice to have some quiet on a Friday afternoon. He went to pick Edith up from school with Miriam. I'm hoping they time it right. Don't get home until the bread has been out of the oven for 10 minutes!

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