Saturday, July 25, 2009


There has been lots of berry-picking around here. I have been canning jam and making pie. I am feeling a bit like a hard-scrabbled pioneer woman. And I look like one too sometimes. So far I have made and canned raspberry and marionberry jam, as well as pickles.

Here are some nice pictures of the family on Sauvie Island taking a break from berry-picking. And the first of many flats of berries we have picked.

As well as a very cute of picture of the girls doing a lemonade stand.

I have been doing lots of sewing projects that I have not blogged about. We have been living on full-throttle summer mode. Swim and tennis lessons, playing at the pool, berry-picking, sewing, croquet and picnics. It's been so much fun.

We still plan to make a family zine. Too little time of late. And I'm hoping to get more into this blog. I have been living too much. Isn't there a quote that basically says "bad girls don't write in diaries as they are out living their life"? That's basically my unofficial model.

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