Wednesday, September 2, 2009


These are all taken on the morning we went to SFMOMA. We saw the wonderful Richard Avedon photos. Including his visual "Walk on the Wild Side" based on the Lou Reed song. Much embarrassment for poor Edith when she saw that. And then we saw the exiquisite photographs of Ansel Adams and the lush paintings of Georgia O'Keefe. Their work paired so well together it was a great capture of these two amazing naturalist artists. And the rooftop garden was amazing. Hence all the pictures. And the coffee was done by Bluebottle Coffe Company which became a new favorite and beacon of ours. There was one not far from the hotel that served toast and oatmeal, so it was a breakfast must for us. And there was another one in the Ferry Terminal Building.

I have to also plug Boden for the dress I am wearing. Without them I probably wouldn't own any dresses. Much love for a company that doesn't only go up to a size 12. There are a fair amount of us who go above that and have syle to boot. I was worried that this was a little short for me, but I felt totally at ease in it. And I think it would go well with my grey converse or a nice pair of heels. But I even liked it with my boring, comfortable to walk in brown mary-janes. I can't bring myself to order many of the Boden kid's clothes though. Not because they aren't adorable. But the girls can fit into anything so I tend to go to Target, Gap and H&M (when one is available to me) for them. I do buy special clothes from there for them. But not everyday ones.

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  1. I should also add that I only look grumpy in the first picture because it took an absolute age for David to take. I was very happy!