Monday, August 31, 2009

More of our trip

We went to the very fun Candy Store with the girls. We also went to Miette on another day but I of course didn't get any photos of it. Which is a shame as it had the greatest wall paper of all time. We had a shopping spree which aside from taking the girl to H&M kids was our only. I really don't need to get in the habit of buying 300 dollar shoes. Where the phrase "like a kid in a candy store" is recreated for you. This was such a small thing to do but will be such an awesome memory for the girls. They loved it. Portland? Where is our fun candy store? They sell these very awesome chocolate bars at Miette called Maison bouche. The Bergamote one is my favorite. Milk chocolate and Earl Grey. Yummy. It's like drinking a cup of tea with your chocolate which is the way we like to eat chocolate around here.
Then it was off to Coit Tower so the parental units can enjoy architecture, WPA murals and city views. The kids really are good sports about this kind of thing. But I think it's important to do this with your kids. I tended to roll my eyes a lot as a kid when my dad dragged me to another historical building. However he instilled in me a love of history and now I find myself doing the same thing to my own kids.
We drove down Lombard St. in the Volvo just like many years before my parents drove their Comet Mercury (which became my high school car) down. You can see Coit way at the back.

Lovely WPA mural. And one of the artists was an Edith! Another amazing artist/creative type named Edith. It's a good name for her for sure.

One small wrong turn and we came upon Edith street. A nice little dead end street that doesn't appear on any city maps or in the book my dad has about the streets in San Francisco. So how cool is that? One small wrong turn and we find Edith street? What a happy accident! And a reminder of why it's good to not freak out if you get a little lost. I am guessing as this was so close to Coit Tower that it is named for Edith Hamlin. However I don't know that for a fact.

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