Monday, August 31, 2009

Palace of Fine Arts and Exploratorium

We had a fine evening stroll at the Palace of Fine Arts. And imagined what it would have been like to be there for the World's Fair. New York and San Francisco are currently bidding to hold the next World's Fair up for grabs in 2020. They are now called International Expositions, but I prefer World's Fair myself. Go have a look...New York's bid and San Francisco's. There are other cities bidding too, but these two are the ones I am hoping for. San Francisco being my first choice, but New York a close second. Anyhow there is my plan for 2020-take my kids to a World's Fair. By then they will be teenagers!

Hungry stomachs pulled us away from our stroll and we ate a delicious meal at Greens!

But we did vow to come back the next to play at the Exploratorium and boy did we have fun. What a great place. I know that if we always had it as an option like OMSI I would be less excited. But I'm hugely jealous because it was fun for all of us and not just the kids. But kids can be fickle if something is in their usual routine.

This exhibit shows how the eye works, but you can also just kick your reflection in the face! I love how Miriam has the exact smile and chin as me in this photo!

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