Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summertime and the living's a filthy, messy house

I remember telling myself 2 weeks ago that I was going to post 3 times a week or something. Well that never happened. Oops. Summer is kind of hectic like. I genuinely thought there would be more time for all sorts of projects. But there really isn't. I manage to get the bare minimum done everyday. The mystical bar of what constitutes a clean house has been lowered so much this summer I wonder if it will ever go back up. Somedays I do just try to embrace it. Edith and Miriam are having so much fun and playing so well it's hard to be angry about messes. Other days? Well they are unpleasant and I might have accidentally sworn in front of the children when I stepped on something small for the 3rd time in a row. I believe the phrase was "Enough of this shit! We are living in our own filth and this house must be made tidy right now!" I am really not obsessed with cleaning but it has gotten to the point where I complain about it a lot. Also I will not be surprised if at school they make a poster of what my mother likes, one of my kids will put cleaning the house instead of sewing or reading. How disturbing. But to be fair I don't think kids can understand how we can obsess on something so much and not love doing it. They certainly do not do things they don't love.

In more exciting news we did Bridge Pedal with the girls. The family ride which is 6 bridges, 14 miles. It was fantastic and Edith did brilliantly! It was hard for me (pulling a 50 pound Miriam). But we did it and it will definitely be a family memory and something we would try and do every year. I would have put the picture at the end but I don't know how to move it!

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