Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Quick tip

I have found for myself that life is easier if I make lists. Your tasks will always look more manageable written down than all chaotic in your head. Maybe that's just me though. But if I am feeling pressed for time or feel like I have a too much to do, I make a list. I re-evaluate what must get done today and what can be combined with other errands. And I also figure out what can be postponed if pressed for time. There are usually several things that don't have to be done today. Obviously it would be nice if they were but it's also nice to not pressure yourself.

And I have to remind myself of this because it is easier for me to panic about everything. I just have that kind of personality.


  1. Do you put on your list: "make list tomorrow" ?

  2. No, but that sounds exactly like something I would do. I think I always just want to be more organized than I actually am!