Thursday, August 20, 2009

San Francisco!

Only 2 more days until we leave on our trip to San Francisco and Big Sur. I'm so excited!

David has also told me he is going to help me design my blog so it isn't so plain. I don't know how to do that and thought it was about time I asked him for help. But all that will wait until we are back from our trip. The kids are so damn excited it's been a bit hard to live with them this week. I am also desperate for them to go back to school. It has been a very l o n g summer. I had these unrealistic ideas that I would get so much accomplished. Well I didn't. I did sew a ton in the beginning but the hot weather outside require us to get out of our oven house. And the pool (while awesome) was a huge time suck and tiring. Catching Miriam 50 times as she jumps into the deep end while I am keeping myself a float is excellent strength training. They also need a bit more structure to their days. Summer has been great for them because they have discovered new things they love to do. Which is what summer is all about. But it's time to focus on learning again. And frankly I think we all need a bit of a break from each other. They are every bit as excited as I am. Which is good. I couldn't bare to send them to school if I knew they were dreading it. Win Win!

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